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Halosense Script


Referring to the product before called Octavia Script, this new modern calligraphy is more natural feel, handmade created with a small touch of digital to make them flowing like a water on the river. This font generates more features like CALT (Contextual Alternates), DLIG and so on.


Vintage Font


Based on geometric shapes and with a classic, vintage look, Cheque started off as a student project by Fontfabric’s Mirela Belova, then grew into a full display font. At its best when used in headlines or compositions, it comes in Regular and Black versions that are free for both personal and commercial use.


Somatic Font


The font can match most of your design needs mostly in headings, titles, poster design and on covers. It can also work for body text at extremely small sizes. Somatic Font is designed by Lauren Lee; a designer and illustrator from Manhattan, New York.

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